Listen to what some of our customer have to say about The Classified Connection

I can't imagine anyone that's serious about marketing on the web not owning a copy of "The Classified Connection. "

Thomas Olin - Santa Cruz, CA USA

I have been using the Classified Connection to place free classified ads for about two years now and it keeps getting better and better. The latest version offers absolute "Raw Power and Control" over web-based free classifieds. It's the most specialized software of its kind there is. Get it! If you don't have the money, find the money somewhere!

Sean Morry - Vancouver, BC Canada

The Classified Connection increased my responses and exposure for my business dramatically. I've purchased other software in the past that did nothing for me. TCC is the best free classified ads software I've ever used!! It is definitely worth the money. I think that it's great that you can use the TCC month after month. It has really helped my business along with my other web resources as well! Thanks Creative Software Systems!

Travis Gutreaux, USA

I'm 74 yrs old I started in business in 1950 to March 1999 then I had two strokes, and that is when I started on the internet. I have been on the internet for 3 years putting in 60+ hrs per week to cut a long story short The Classified Connection is one of the very best programs on the internet.

I fully recommend The Classified Connection!

Fred Bell - Clinton Township, MI USA

I'm very happy with this program. We get calls from all over the country from people seeking our product. We now have people on a waiting list to purchase from us. I highly recommend The Classified Connection program to anyone that has a product or service to market.

Thanks for making my advertising easier

Paul Baker, USA

Thanks a lot! Great free classifieds software, I'm a software designer myself (30 years) and you guys have a great product.

Alfred T. , UK

Creative Software Systems free classifieds software is the best advertising software ever made. It does everything and even more than you could ever expect from software. IT'S THE BEST!

Angela, USA

Just to let you know, I downloaded and tested The Classified Connection. I placed one small ad. So far (3 days) have received over 90 requests for download of my free e-book!!!!!

Success and prosperity to you,

Mike Dycus, USA

Thank you, Creative Software Systems for this WONDERFUL creation. The Classified Connection has done wonders for my online business. After using the program only one time, the traffic to my website more than doubled! I've bought other submission software and The Classified Connection is the ONLY software that actually submits to the number of sites that it specifies. It is amazing how much time and money I have saved since I've invested in The Classified Connection. And the best part is, the software pays you back over and over again. After months and months of searching for the right advertising product, I've finally found a winner. Thank you so much.

L. Irby - USA

You are right. I checked it out: your software is certainly superior to those I already tried.

Kamyar Shahmohammadi, USA

Your free classifieds software is something unbelievable. I find no proper words to explain the true versatility of it. Thanks!

Malathi, USA

I have been very satisfied with the operation of The Classified Connection. I tried using the Trellian (Classify 98) and found it to be totally unacceptable. It even broke after I used it only one time and went back to demo mode. I have been using The Classified Connection and have been able to resubmit per schedule as scheduled.

Robert Alamilla - Santa Ana, CA USA

The program seems to work great. Because not having to manually post to each site saves so much time, the software is great!!

Camilla Wilson, UK

What an incredible piece of software. I think that it must be the best that I have ever come across!!

Many thanks,

Diana Johnson, Canada

Yes. I was amazed how much better The Classified Connection seemed to work than the current program I use called "Power Submitter". The directions were also much easier to understand than "Power Submitter" and I also wasn't plastered with pop-ups by your company, promoting your own services, which is one thing that really annoys me when I use "Power Submitter".

Scott Morris, USA

Your software: "The Classified Connection" works exceptionally well! Thanks a lot!

Best Wishes,

Carmen, Spain

Thank you, The Classified Connection worked beautifully. What a great program. I love it.

Thanks again,

Anne Marie, Canada
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